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What People Have Said About Dr. Rolf’s Dental Practice

“Relaxing environment, with complete confidence in doctor and staff. I
don’t feel like a number here.”


“Thank you! I’m at an oasis! Gentle and safe! The best dental office I’ve
ever been to!”


“I would like to say that I am lucky to have Dr. Rolfe as my dentist. I
can honestly say that Dr. Rolfe is the best dentist I have come across.”


“I appreciate the thorough and sensitive approach to every aspect of my
treatment by Dr. Rolfe. He seems to intuitively know when there is pain in
the process and does not hesitate to back off. I never feel as though he is
rushing to get the job done.”


“Numb and Ubangee as I feel, I truly am grateful for your gentle and
thorough approach. It’s obvious that you are dedicated to the art and the
profession of your work, and for that I thank you. I certainly would not
hesitate to return for any further dental needs.”


“Couldn’t be more pleased with the forthright, clear, and professional
work on my teeth, particularly because it was done in an emergency. I was
made to feel quite confident in the final resolution to the problems
remaining to be dealt with in the future.”


“Nice office, pleasant atmosphere, a doctor who is fun, too!”


“Dr. Rolfe has my confidence. We drove 200 miles to have the work done
because I knew he had my best interest at heart and because I knew he would
do a great job. The extractions and new partial went better than


‘I trust Dr. Rolfe implicitly and feel confident when he’s working. I am
very grateful for many years of devoted and hard work on Dr. Rolfe’s part.
He has always done a superb job on my teeth and/or my two sons’ teeth.”


“James is a pleasure to work with – the experience shows. And the next
time he will play me saxophone solos.”


“Very grateful for your wonderful work, and seeing at such short notice.
I will be seeing you again, in fact will travel miles for your help, as I
did this morning! Many, many thanks!”


“It was an easy time today and the bridge fits well. I’m glad I had a
bridge. Dr. Rolfe’s consultations and my investigation to decide not to save
the tooth; Dr. Rolfe took time to explain without charge, and checked my
temporary situation without a fee.”


“Dr. Rolfe is very patient – and compared with my excellent dentist in
San Francisco, Dr. Rolfe is very good as well. No pain, patient, fast!!


“Sometimes you get lucky! Worried about a cracked tooth discovered the
night before, I arrived in Santa Barbara looking for an available dentist.
Dr. Rolfe was recommended by the Four Seasons Hotel. We called and were
pleased to find he was available the next morning. Tooth is fixed, better
than new, and I learned more about the current state of my teeth than my
home dentist had told me. Thanks lots! I may have found a new dentist 3,000
miles away.”


“I started with this office on August 31, being very cowardly. I almost
didn’t show up. Tsk! Tsk! Long story short – Dr. Rolfe has done for me the
impossible. Such a wonderful man. I have to say a million thank you. His
training is one of a kind. I treasure having met him, a dentist in Santa
Barbara that really cares about his patients. We need more men like this. No
dollar signs in his eyeballs!! Ha Ha!”


“Super job and thanks for taking me on so soon.”


“I had an abscessed tooth removed – no pain. Thank God. Dr. Rolfe did an
excellent job.”


“I am very happy with the composite bonding in my front teeth. Not only
they feel great but they made my front teeth look much better. I used to be
able to feel the sharp ragged edges of my front teeth with my tongue. Not
any more. Thanks for the high-quality dental care that you have been giving


“Dr. Rolfe makes the work painless – I am so grateful. Thanks again.”


“The sun shines not on us but in us. The rivers flow not past us but
through us. Thank you for the superb work!”


“I do look 15 years younger! Thank you! Nice office and work!”


“Dr. Rolfe is one of the top ten dentists in the world! His dedication to
his work and his clients is unsurpassable. His presence, and the quality of
his work is like a precious jewel. The office, the staff, everything about
the experience is so wonderful. I am so very grateful and count my blessings
to have been served so graciously.”


“Thank you for creating such an aesthetically rich environment. What a
pleasure to come into this office – to be surrounded by drums, tropical
plants, and a trickling fountain. I am surprised that Dr. Rolfe was the
person who did the cleaning and the more technical poking and analysis. What
a healthy pleasant experience. I appreciate knowing what was going to happen
before it did. Thank you.”