Our Services

Our Services

Many Of Our Services
Are Unique To Santa Barbara

Complete in-house Laboratory and Pharmacy

In-House Fabrication

Our modern dental laboratory fabricates time-tested dental restorations without having to send out work to commercial laboratories. Most work is done by the doctor himself. Because we know what you need, fewer people are involved in the process, ensuring that your restorations are best suited for your own self. If you need immediate dental repairs, we can perform the work in far less time than a commercial laboratory, often while you relax in our comfortable waiting room.

We can provide medication for most dental problems anytime, 24/7, when most pharmacies are closed.

Our knowledgeable staff is able is able to care for most dental conditions in our own office, without the inconvenience of having to be referred. Relax and know that your situation will likely be completely resolved without having to go elsewhere.

Emphasis on Prevention

The first priority of your dental team should be to help you enjoy dental health and preserve your dentition, and this is our most important responsibility. Our goal is to show you how you can simply have a healthy mouth for life and avoid future treatment. Let us introduce you to these techniques, and you can relax in the knowledge that you are doing the right things to enjoy good oral health.

Dr. Rolfe's Tooth Buddy

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